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Game Information

3.5 / 5 (323 votes)
The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards. For that, you have to make combinations of cards (three of a kind, four of a kind, straight) and lay them on the table. To lay cards for the first time, your combinations must represent 31 points. Once you have laid your cards on the table, you will be able to use your cards to complete the combinations already there. When it is your turn, you have to draw a card from the stock or the discard pile, and, in order to complete your turn, you have to discard a card. The joker replaces any card. The game is over when one of the players obtains 100 points, with the aim being to have as few points as possible.

Rummy Online Walkthrough

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Total Highscores
DitoDito 1483
Daniel1Daniel1 1441
NikestyleNikestyle 1435
biggibiggi 1418
AngleAngle 1415
Alex112Alex112 1408
Heike177Heike177 1400
Sonnenstrahl1Sonnenstrahl1 1400
DanaDana 1382
Sina260Sina260 1381
Evelyn1Evelyn1 1381
Shila1Shila1 1363
EasyFreesy66EasyFreesy66 1263
megaagranatimegaagranati 1222
SternenzauberSternenzauber 1218
PromiseMePromiseMe 1200
Ulli43Ulli43 1160
renzovb34renzovb34 1149
wolke1wolke1 1139
NischtyNischty 1121
ReniReni 1117
Nessy19Nessy19 1114
CooleSockeCooleSocke 1106
RohnonRohnon 1095
YomeritaYomerita 1094
annegretbittnerannegretbittner 1089
MuggiMuggi 1088
lem06lem06 1082
Lisa2209Lisa2209 1080
alrak59alrak59 1078
MirtMirt 1072
SaZuRuSaZuRu 1066
NoRiskNoFunNoRiskNoFun 1064
raquel2raquel2 1054
TunnelSchrauberTunnelSchrauber 1054
OlletjeOlletje 1041
banane2108banane2108 1040
LavendelLavendel 1039
DolfijnDolfijn 1037
nikowalovsBBnikowalovsBB 1036
lauradoslaurados 1029
ScuonchScuonch 1027
kamcasouckovakamcasouckova 1027
SylKaSylKa 1024
jennilehtonenjennilehtonen 1024
Chriss1712Chriss1712 1023
blueeye58blueeye58 1014
vicievicie 1014
LukasLukas 1014
anni9650anni9650 1014
  • RummyRummyRummyDeclare "Rummy"
  • Super "Rummy"Super "Rummy"Super "Rummy"Declare a "Rummy" of at least 90 points
  • The Jack IThe Jack IThe Jack IWin a round before the 7th draw
  • The Jack IIThe Jack IIThe Jack IIWin a round before the 5th draw
  • The Jack IIIThe Jack IIIThe Jack IIIWin a round before the 3rd draw
  • JokerJokerJokerFinish with a joker
  • Angry King IAngry King IAngry King ILose with 100 points
  • Angry King IIAngry King IIAngry King IILose with 115 points
  • Angry King IIIAngry King IIIAngry King IIILose with 130 points
  • Long run Long run Long run Lay a combination of 6 cards without a joker