Pirates Bomber Online

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Game Information

4 / 5 (2515 votes)
This game can be played by up to 4 pirates; the aim is simple: you must make the other pirates explode (they love it, really!) by moving around with the directional keys and placing bombs with the Space bar. The following bonuses will help you win the game and reach your goal... The boot increases your speed. The bomb increases the number of bombs that you can place simultaneously. The explosion increases your bombs’ range (yes, that means that you should dive for cover when a bomb explodes!). On your boots... ready, set, bomb!

Pirates Bomber Online Walkthrough

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Total Highscores
coolagentcoolagent 1265
terezie1terezie1 1161
chimpchimp 1156
ItzReverbItzReverb 1098
blaugraublaugrau 1075
raquel2raquel2 1063
davidek11davidek11 1050
WallacEWallacE 1050
ScuonchScuonch 1037
larsa1955larsa1955 1028
raviolisauceraviolisauce 1027
lenagrafstromlenagrafstrom 1027
lisa1950lisa1950 1022
MagicalMagical 1021
CrackenCracken 1014
Mucker61Mucker61 1014
kacabkakacabka 1014
javerejavere 1014
SLB1904SLB1904 1014
jonispojkjonispojk 1014
Puppe83Puppe83 1011
mordillomordillo 1010
jack133104jack133104 1007
natasha0123natasha0123 1000
alittlecatalittlecat 997
tommy012tommy012 996
Puppe84Puppe84 989
KamumaekelaeKamumaekelae 986
luciac17luciac17 985
euphemiaeuphemia 985
riccardoalpiniriccardoalpini 983
Nessy19Nessy19 982
Locika21Locika21 969
Pilagrande12Pilagrande12 967
ervenfosterervenfoster 958
YoudidYoudid 955
LoreleiLorelei 947
sydisydi 935
frado1frado1 930
katka06katka06 928
andresilvaandresilva 921
OlletjeOlletje 918
  • BlackbeardBlackbeardBlackbeardWin the game without using a bonus.
  • Drunk with braveryDrunk with braveryDrunk with braveryKill the last opponent by committing suicide.
  • RackhamRackhamRackhamKill all three opponents during a game.
  • Self-bombingSelf-bombingSelf-bombingMake an opponent blow himself up with his own bomb.
  • Two skulls, one stoneTwo skulls, one stoneTwo skulls, one stoneKill two opponents with one single bomb.