Magic Jewel Online

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Game Information

3.5 / 5 (1933 votes)
To win at Magic Jewel, you have to score as many points as possible in 2½ mins. To do that, swap the neighboring elements in order to align at least three identical ones. In order to score more points, you can create special elements by forming precise combinations.. Aligning 4 elements creates a bomb which blows up everything around it. Aligning 5 elements creates a diamond which, when it is swapped with a second one, will delete all the second type of elements. Forming a T or an L with at least 5 elements will create another type of bomb, which will delete all the elements on this line and column. By filling the potions on the right of the screen you will cast a spell that will hinder the opponent or give you a diamond.

Magic Jewel Online Walkthrough

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Total Highscores
LilianLilian 1274
coolagentcoolagent 1264
eckhard1lotheckhard1loth 1239
MrMegaManMrMegaMan 1141
SantaClausSantaClaus 1117
Guenni333Guenni333 1108
Nessy19Nessy19 1101
MECHI2018MECHI2018 1093
liesjenakliesjenak 1053
fanta25fanta25 1046
ebby1955ebby1955 1039
YomeritaYomerita 1033
renzovb34renzovb34 1031
maciekzroznamaciekzrozna 1027
larsa1955larsa1955 1027
davidek11davidek11 1027
natasha0123natasha0123 1026
lisa1950lisa1950 1017
terezie1terezie1 1014
sydisydi 1014
XP202XP202 1014
Ye66Ye66 1014
bobiebobie 1008
frado1frado1 1000
smuffiesmuffie 998
gasovaolgagasovaolga 994
luzverluzver 989
lumpilumpi 986
KamumaekelaeKamumaekelae 985
kafuchskafuchs 985
DolfijnDolfijn 985
frauweinfrauwein 985
BeckyBecky 985
riccardoalpiniriccardoalpini 985
eldieldi 983
chimpchimp 978
isabella0010isabella0010 977
anni9650anni9650 972
tommy012tommy012 971
marianabemarianabe 971
sovinkasovinka 967
Manuela2019Manuela2019 965
PatyPaty 960
RedQueenRedQueen 959
blaugraublaugrau 948
renzorenzo 940
ZebraZebra 922
Alex112Alex112 921
KatusKatus 913
siinasiina 897
  • The alchemist IThe alchemist IThe alchemist ICreate 5 special gems
  • The alchemist IIThe alchemist IIThe alchemist IICreate 10 special gems
  • The alchemist IIIThe alchemist IIIThe alchemist IIICreate 20 special gems
  • The order of the broomstickThe order of the broomstickThe order of the broomstickComplete a game with a minimum of 15,000 points
  • Magic explosion IMagic explosion IMagic explosion IBlow up 5 groups in a cascade
  • Magic explosion IIMagic explosion IIMagic explosion IIBlow up 8 groups in a cascade
  • Magic explosion IIIMagic explosion IIIMagic explosion IIIBlow up 10 groups in a cascade
  • Frog soupFrog soupFrog soupBlow up 50 frog gems
  • Evil spell IEvil spell IEvil spell IFill 5 magic potions
  • Evil spell IIEvil spell IIEvil spell IIFill 10 magic potions
  • Evil spell IIIEvil spell IIIEvil spell IIIFill 20 magic potions
  • Dark witchDark witchDark witchDestroy 350 gems in a game