Draughts Online

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Game Information

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Move your pieces towards your opponents' pieces. Pieces move one square at a time, always diagonally. When an adjacent square is held by an opponent’s piece, you can capture it by jumping over it. You can take several pieces by putting your piece back down on the board between each ʺkillʺ. Reach the last row with one of your pieces to receive a King. The King only moves diagonally, but can move forwards or backwards several squares at a time. To win the game, capture all your opponent’s pieces.

Draughts Online Walkthrough

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Total Highscores
  • Cabaret amateurCabaret amateurCabaret amateurCaptures 4 men in a single move.
  • I dreamed of herI dreamed of herI dreamed of herCapture a king with a man.
  • Crowded theatreCrowded theatreCrowded theatreWin the game with more than 17 men uncaptured.
  • Show cancelledShow cancelledShow cancelledWin without using any promotions.