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3.5 / 5 (1202 votes)
ʺA bad day of Chess is better than any good day at work.ʺ (Anonymous). No need to remind you about the rules of this unrivalled game of kings; the principle is the same as always - overthrow your opponent's king with a checkmate. Use your 16 chess pieces to hone your strategy and defeat your opponent. Each player has 30 minutes playing time, with a 5 minutes thinking time at each turn, so stay alert... and break out your best moves!

Chess Online Walkthrough

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Total Highscores
  • Multiple overthrowsMultiple overthrowsMultiple overthrowsCheck your opponent's king 10 times.
  • Redinforcement IRedinforcement IRedinforcement IPromote 1 pawn.
  • Redinforcement IIRedinforcement IIRedinforcement IIPromote 2 pawns.
  • Redinforcement IIIRedinforcement IIIRedinforcement IIIPromote 5 pawns.
  • Red revolutionRed revolutionRed revolutionCheckmate your opponent with as little pieces as possible.
  • White RussianWhite RussianWhite RussianWin the game without moving your own king.
  • Soviet Secret serviceSoviet Secret serviceSoviet Secret serviceCapture 5 pieces with your knights.
  • The Kremlin towersThe Kremlin towersThe Kremlin towersCapture 5 pieces with your rooks.
  • Tsar vs. TsarinTsar vs. TsarinTsar vs. TsarinCapture the queen with your king.