Backgammon Online

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Game Information

3.5 / 5 (846 votes)
Aim of the game: gather together all your checkers on the hatched points and then bear them off into the green zone. Be quicker than your opponent and follow the direction of the arrows. Moving the checkers: after throwing the dice, the player may either move 2 checkers according to the numbers shown on each dice or move 1 checker by adding the two dice together. A checker may not be moved to a point already occupied by more than one of the opponent's checkers. If the player throws a double, he/she is allowed to move the value of each dice twice. If an opponent's checker is alone on a point, the opponent can take it. This checker is then placed on the bar. The player must remove all his checkers from the bar before he is able to continue.

Backgammon Online Walkthrough

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Total Highscores
SLB1904SLB1904 1157
ebby1955ebby1955 1116
TolgaTolga 1074
WorldKeyWorldKey 1039
davidek11davidek11 1039
AngleAngle 1038
Heike177Heike177 1032
PinacoladaPinacolada 1027
Daniel1Daniel1 1027
Sonnenstrahl1Sonnenstrahl1 1014
monikadomkemonikadomke 1014
MegasoundmanMegasoundman 1014
ItzReverbItzReverb 1014
LavendelLavendel 1014
NikowalovNikowalov 1014
tgbabztgbabz 1014
SantaClausSantaClaus 1012
terezie1terezie1 1011
Puppe84Puppe84 1006
MagicalMagical 1002
lauradoslaurados 1000
Nessy19Nessy19 996
Alex112Alex112 992
pinjakaapinjakaa 985
klojtek12345678klojtek12345678 985
enagonenagon 985
NikestyleNikestyle 985
Puppe83Puppe83 984
SaZuRuSaZuRu 975
tommy012tommy012 972
lumpilumpi 970
JadeaJadea 955
IchheisseStuteIchheisseStute 945
YekYekYekYek 918
natasha0123natasha0123 822
RedQueenRedQueen 793
  • Krog the brutal IKrog the brutal IKrog the brutal IGet out all these checkers in 20 throws
  • Krog the brutal IIKrog the brutal IIKrog the brutal IIGet out all these checkers in 17 throws
  • Krog the brutal IIIKrog the brutal IIIKrog the brutal IIIGet out all these checkers in 15 throws
  • Igor the bloodthirsty IIgor the bloodthirsty IIgor the bloodthirsty ITake 3 checkers in one throw
  • Igor the bloodthirsty IIIgor the bloodthirsty IIIgor the bloodthirsty IITake 4 checkers in one throw
  • Heartless WillyHeartless WillyHeartless WillyWin while the adversary is still on the bar
  • Sad JohnSad JohnSad JohnHave 4 checkers on the bar (on the bridge)
  • Twin monstersTwin monstersTwin monstersThrow two doubles in a row