I want to play a game on, but the game doesn’t load/ work. What can I do?
To play games you need to install these four software programs (plugins) on your computer: Javascript, Flash, Shockwave, and Java. These softwares are for free and of course free of spyware. Below you can check whether you’ve installed the latest version of the software. Plugins having a red cross are not installed. When you see a exclamation mark, it means that you don’t have the latest version. Then it’s recommendable to download it by clicking on the icon and then install it. After the installation you can almost be certain you can play all games.

It seems that JavaScript is disabled. This site uses JavaScript. To get access to all functionalities JavaScript must be enabled.
One (or more) of the plug-ins is (are) not installed. Click on the icon with the red cross to go to site where you can install the needed plug-in. Refresh this page after the installation is completed to see if all plug-ins are correctly installed.

These are other reasons for the failure of a game:
- Your internet connection can be too slow. Sometimes it happens that the game screen stays white for a long time. This is because some of the games are very big and need quite some time to load.
- When you try to play online games at school it may happen that this doesn’t work, because the school filters certain websites. This means that some sites are blocked, so you can’t see the website or play a game. Unfortunately we can’t do anything about this.
- Sometimes a game works better in Internet Explorer and sometimes in Firefox or Chrome. Try to play the game in different browsers.

When the game still doesn’t work, you can click on ‘More help’ under the ‘Help’ tab on the game page and fill in the information. Then we’ll try to repair the game as soon as possible.
I hope your question is answered. If not, then take a look at the related questions or topics. If your question still isn’t answered, send us your question through the contact form.
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