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Description The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards.\nTo do this, the first player plays a card to start the trick. The other players may then play cards that are equal or superior to the card on top of the pile. If a player puts down a card that is equal to the card on top of the pile, the following player must skip a turn. When a 2 is played, the trick comes to an end, and a new trick begins.\n\nThe player who has played the highest card wins the trick and takes the cards. As in the first trick, the winning player then plays the card of his choice to start the second trick. He may also play a double, a triple or a four card burn, if possible. The other players should then follow with the same combination.\n\nThe first player to get rid of all his cards becomes President; in the next round, he receives the Poor guy’s two best cards. The 2nd-placed player becomes Vice-President; in the next round, he receives the Common guy’s best card. The 3rd-placed player (the Common guy) receives one card of the Vice-President’s choice, and the poor guy receives two cards of the President’s choice. \n\nThere are four rounds and the winner of the final round wins the game.
  • Use the mouse to play this game
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[en]NigNog[en]NigNog 1148
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[en]ImZacko[en]ImZacko 1120
[en]izzyisdizzy[en]izzyisdizzy 1105
[de]Medicopter[de]Medicopter 1079
[es]tetenachuel[es]tetenachuel 1065
[en]KavinP0rn0kumar[en]KavinP0rn0kumar 1063
[en]OGPanda[en]OGPanda 1059
[en]DarkerThanBlack[en]DarkerThanBlack 1056
[en]tyopoyt[en]tyopoyt 1048
[en]Mjau98[en]Mjau98 1042
[en]Killme1234[en]Killme1234 1042
[de]Mausezahn99[de]Mausezahn99 1042
[it]Deoxys531[it]Deoxys531 1042
[de]SLB1904[de]SLB1904 1042
[pl]basifika[pl]basifika 1042
[en]ShiroPresident[en]ShiroPresident 1038
[en]MSVeland[en]MSVeland 1015
[en]DeaningMachine1[en]DeaningMachine1 1015
[en]OBezi[en]OBezi 1004
[en]KiPrez[en]KiPrez 1003
[en]tyrone[en]tyrone 1002
[de]Batistic[de]Batistic 1000
[en]JackyOppa[en]JackyOppa 999
[es]nando[es]nando 997
[es]Jnalis[es]Jnalis 991
[en]DaddyisntHere[en]DaddyisntHere 987
[en]Peridot[en]Peridot 987
[en]hexysexy69[en]hexysexy69 987
[it]TheAlinoAle[it]TheAlinoAle 986
[en]dennisdufloucq[en]dennisdufloucq 984
[en]cowman43[en]cowman43 976
[es]CarryPotter[es]CarryPotter 958
[en]Fyllingen[en]Fyllingen 957
[en]BigTitties24[en]BigTitties24 957
[en]Banana[en]Banana 945
[en]TIPXIP[en]TIPXIP 943
[en]Guest62134[en]Guest62134 930
[en]JordanLam[en]JordanLam 927
[en]davidmccuntnuts[en]davidmccuntnuts 913
[en]Sixtus[en]Sixtus 895
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