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Description To win at Magic Jewel, you have to score as many points as possible in 2½ mins. To do that, swap the neighboring elements in order to align at least three identical ones. In order to score more points, you can create special elements by forming precise combinations.. Aligning 4 elements creates a bomb which blows up everything around it. Aligning 5 elements creates a diamond which, when it is swapped with a second one, will delete all the second type of elements. Forming a T or an L with at least 5 elements will create another type of bomb, which will delete all the elements on this line and column. By filling the potions on the right of the screen you will cast a spell that will hinder the opponent or give you a diamond.
  • Use the mouse to play this game
Tags BejeweledCasual MultiplayerMatch 3MatchingMultiplayerOnline Multiplayer
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Total Highscores
pappa346pappa346 1520
alepericoaleperico 1312
coolagentcoolagent 1264
eckhard1lotheckhard1loth 1227
sovinkasovinka 1189
FullMoonFullMoon 1186
Rapunzel71Rapunzel71 1183
EinewiekeineEinewiekeine 1141
Gita69Gita69 1133
ciao1881ciao1881 1115
Guenni333Guenni333 1108
22bless2222bless22 1080
PiabellaPiabella 1080
AngeliciousAngelicious 1073
FrakiFraki 1072
GinaXGinaX 1058
Antonio770Antonio770 1057
BobbyFBobbyF 1052
kacka19kacka19 1052
DejavueDejavue 1051
vanessa76vanessa76 1050
KirchenmausKirchenmaus 1045
antonellapriscoantonellaprisco 1045
larsa1955larsa1955 1044
alejandrapericoalejandraperico 1042
NatNatNatNat 1041
kuschelnkuscheln 1040
afrakorkmazafrakorkmaz 1036
Helga280Helga280 1035
yuuuuuiiiiyuuuuuiiii 1027
waage1956waage1956 1027
szilikeszilike 1027
kanankanan 1027
PelosissimoPelosissimo 1027
Arank1Arank1 1027
marie208marie208 1027
RabenfederRabenfeder 1027
strahlefraustrahlefrau 1027
jaguskajaguska 1025
Dinah88Dinah88 1023
se81se81 1022
dcodcodcodcodcodco 1020
Silke04Silke04 1018
lisa1950lisa1950 1017
caglayancaglayan 1015
HarmonyGirlHarmonyGirl 1014
PowerJaniPowerJani 1014
SchildtroeteSchildtroete 1014
maijuanniinamaijuanniina 1014
magimagi 1014
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